Quickie - Because we men don't always think things through...

"Hey Sally! What did your boyfriend give you for your anniversary?"

"He's the greatest! He gave me
Hepatitis C!"

"Oh, what a sweetheart! You're so lucky..."

"I know...(sigh)"

You just *know* some smart aleck boyfriend/husband out there is planning to give those to his lady with a similar joke in mind...

...and you just *know* she won't think it's funny.

Hope he's got a comfy couch!


glacierdad said…
Dude! I so want Hepatitis C! They look so tasty.

And I thought little plush dolls in the shapes of diseases was cool!
Grafs said…
Just when I thought I'd seen everything. I'd like to see them try to make a syphilis spirochete.
The Phoenix said…
I hope they have some with nuts on them.