This year I registered early so I couldn't get housed with the class of '92 again

During my lunch break today I finally got around to registering for my 10 year college reunion at OAM this summer. I’d been putting it off for a couple reasons: partially because I’ve been kind of busy the last few weeks, and partially because I was waiting to see if the GF was going to come along. It turns out that she has to work that weekend, so I’m all on my own. Frankly, it’s probably for the best. The OAM reunion is a super fun time, but it might be a bit much to ask her to come “run with the bulls” for a full four day weekend and meet *everyone* all at once. Besides, now I can get all drunk and pick fights with people like everybody else! Woo!

Ah, who am I kidding? It’s OAM – the only drunken brawling that’ll be taking place will be spirited debates about how so-and-so is able to afford giving eleventy billion dollars to the class gift, and whether or not to skip reunion convo. After all, sitting in the balcony sweltering in the heat watching other classes revel in how much they’ve raised is about as exciting as watching paint dry.

For me, I think I’ll march in the parade of classes and then bail right before I walk through the door, then run to Sayles and eat the “Give Us Money When You Die” Society’s ice cream.


glacierdad said…
Yup, I think we'll be skipping reunion convo as well. Somehow I don't see a 7 month old doing so well in the sweltering heat.
towwas said…
Oh yeah, I'm totally bailing with you guys.
grrrbear said…
I wonder how big this could get if word gets around?