When stupid meets stupid

Despite my frequent exasperated posts regarding the idiots of the world, and despite my inner-rage about Best Buy, I understand that not everyone knows how to set up their own wireless network. I know that there is a market out there for people who need help with computer stuff, I just don’t like how Best Buy overcharges people for it*.

So when I heard that a woman in California is suing Best Buy and Geek Squad because one of their techs secretly recorded video of her taking a shower while on a service call, I was intrigued. Finally, a little karmic justice would come down on those money-grubbing rats! But after reading more about it, now I don’t know who’s the bigger idiot – the service tech or the woman. Bear with me on this….

Okay, say you’ve called someone into your house to fix something – whether it’s an electrician, a house cleaning service, whatever. Seriously, why would *anyone* then proceed to say “Okay, looks like you’re all set up, I’m going to go take a shower!”. Hello! There’s a strange man in your house! Didn’t you ever see Psycho!?!?

Anyway, it turns out that not only is this woman stupid, she’s also blind. Because unless this guy had some sort of invisible phone, she then took a shower with it in plain view. The cameras on camera phones are not the most sophisticated devices in the world. They can’t be detached from the phone itself** and they don’t transmit any signals wirelessly – so he must have went into the bathroom, set it up to point directly at the shower, and then hit “record” before the woman ararived. Then, the woman must have walked into the bathroom, ignored the strange cell phone sitting out on the counter pointing at the shower (I mean how could she miss it?***) and proceeded to get nekkid anyway.

Because hey, who *wouldn’t* want to take their clothes off with a cell phone they’ve never seen before pointing right at them?

Don’t get me wrong, the guy who did it is a douche and he totally deserves to get what’s coming to him****. But it doesn’t sound like this woman has a whole lot of brain rattling around in that skull of hers, either.

[EDIT]: After actually watching the video that accompanied the story, doesn't it also seem a little weird that they had time to go to the Verizon store to see the video on the SIM card, come back and call the police, and then have him still be there to be arrested? Just goes to show the quality of techs that Best Buy is hiring these days. Like I said: technophobes...if you have problems with the "magic box" and the tubes that connect to the "interets"? Call your kid.

* Via their “Geek Squad” subsidiary. I mean, seriously, $48 just to tell you how to turn on the password-protection on your wireless network? $230 just to install virus software? $250 to defragment your hard drive? Seriously, just call your kid, they already know how to do all this stuff…
** At least not yet…
*** Unless of course, the phone really was invisible. In which case expect sales of that model to skyrocket once it gets done once it's released to the public.
**** Boobs are nice and all but really, isn't it better for everyone involved if access to them is gained through legal channels and mutual agreement?


The Phoenix said…
I think there are easier and more legal ways to see a woman taking a shower. Duh.
grrrbear said…
Yes, they are called "Porky's" and "Starship Troopers", available in any fine video rental establishment...
J.Bro said…
Also, "About eleven thousand websites". So I've heard.

I'll admit to calling my professional-computer-fixer friend on many occasions, and now I feel a little bad that I wasn't sending him ridiculously-large checks for his advice. Sorry, Mr. Vertigo!