I'm Melting!

After realizing that my flight left a half-hour earlier than I thought it did and making a mad dash to the airport with barely enough to check in*. Of course I forgot to change my outgoing messages on my voice mail and my Outlook at work, so now I'm riddled with guilt over the fact that I'm "e-lying" to all the people who are trying to contact me - possibly even as we speak. I can only hope that this won't interfere with my ability to sleep tonight.

My flight took me to Tampa, Florida. That's right - It's June tomorrow and I have willingly traveled what the state I have often referred to as "America's sweaty penis". It's in the mid-80's this evening and the humidity isn't as bad as it's supposed to be tomorrow. For some reason, the airline tried to compensate for the pending heat by turning off the heat as we descended. About 20 minutes prior to landing, the cabin felt like a meat locker. I was kind of surprised, actually. As are many of you, probably, given that I usually only complain about cold when polar bears are dropping from hypothermia all around me. Clearly, Florida saps my strength even when I'm just in its airspace. It's a good thing I'm only here for the weekend.

* The O'Hare fascists insist you check-in at least 40 minutes before your departure time as part of their master plan to make you miss your flight purely out of spite.


Rice said…
LOVE your description of Florida. I have to remember that one.
Spice said…
What is the deal with you and poor ventilation on airplanes? Remind me never to fly with you.
J.Po said…
Ummm....do we know why you're in Florida? Did I miss that post?

So what up?
The Phoenix said…
Hahahahahaha...America's sweaty penis....oh lordy lordy lordy.