I'm soooo reconsidering not being an exchange student right now

Well this is just not fair. All this time I spent going to high school surrounded by girls of Scandinavian decent I thought I was lucky.

Turns out I wasn't nearly as lucky as guys going to a particular school in (actual) Denmark. The teachers there stage a "strip-off" every year where the girls strip for the privilege of winning the best seats in the cafeteria. Who decides the winners? That's right - the teachers, who act as judges.

This year, apparently two entrants got a little too hot-n-heavy and stripped naked, "touched each others breasts", and "started rubbing baby oil over each other's bodies". Naturally, because everyone in Scandanavia has two or three cell phones* on them at all times, multiple copies of the clip were posted to Youtube** and have now raised quite a rukkus.

Naturally, school officials have no plans to cancel the event for next year. Said one, "And anyway, the girls who did this didn't win because their performance was over the top".

Did you hear that girls? Let this be a lesson to you - there's a fine line between a Danish Schoolgirl Stripoff and rubbing baby oil on each other's nipples. Know when you've crossed it!

* Nokia probably gives 'em out for free like Gillette mails out sample razors when you turn 18.
** No idea if they are still there. The article claims they've been pulled and there's no way I'm going to type in a search for "Danish schoolgirl stripping video" into a search from work.


Spice said…
So Grrr, you never come by my blog (or at least you never post). What gives? It makes me sad :(
grrrbear said…
For those of you playing along at home, my blog got twice the normal number of hits yesterday after this post was published - the vast majority due to google searches for some combination of "danish", "schoolgirl", "video", and "striptease". Needless to say, Grrrbear the inadvertant pornographer struck again.

Did I plan it like that, knowing that a post about that subject would invariably result in those sorts of searches? No. Should I have realized it beforehand?

You betcha.