Live! From Hartford, CT!

Well after a truly disappointing trade show this morning* I made for the airport in hopes of getting a flight back home that was earlier than the one scheduled for 7:20 tonight. Initially, my hopes were good because there were two more flights - one at 1:30 and another one at 4:15. I went standby for both but missed the 1:30 by one person because I got bumped by an Executive Platinum member**. But the good news is that now I'm #1 on the standby list for the 4:15, so barring any other last-minute arrivals of Executive Timberlakes bumping me again I'm pretty optimistic that I'll get on that one.

And in the meantime I get to take advantage of Bradley Int'l Airports free Wi-fi service*** To catch up on email and read all of your blogs. And maybe to do some stuff for work I've been unable to get to but am supposed to have a meeting about tomorrow.

Keep your fingers crossed everybody!

* Everyone I could have met with I had already talked to at the show earlier this week in Vegas.
** American Airlines feels the same way about these people as a 14 year old girl feels about Justin Timberlake.
*** Bradley, I take back all the quips about shag carpeting from yesterday. Free Wi-fi puts you head and shoulders above most airports in the US (You hear me O'Hare?!?)