Quickie - They say that the camera adds 10 pounds, they just didn't say they'd add them all to the same place

As much as I enjoy the Harry Potter books, I go back and forth on the movies themselves. I mean, sure they have done a good job recreating the settings and characters pretty much the way I had originally imagined them when I read the books, but I just like the books more. I'm sure it helps that they don't have to edit down the books so that I can read them in 3 hours like they have to do for the screenplay.

Of course, invariably I end up seeing the movies anyway, often because they are being shown on a flight I'm on and I figure that beats using up my laptop battery to watch a DVD. Of course now they've started running regular movies on IMAX theaters, where the value proposition is something like: "Everything looks bigger and better in IMAX!"

Including, apparently, Hermione's boobs.


Sophist said…
I wonder who initially noticed that change, how old he is, and if he feels dirty.
grrrbear said…
I can't remember, I think I first saw a posting about it on Reddit, but have since lost track of the particular post. I posted that link to keep track of this for future posting, but lost the original post.

And I'm pretty sure he did feel dirty.
Sophist said…
I just sent the link to a bunch of friends. I feel dirty. But god if it ain't funny.
KC said…
That's too funny.

I saw one of the HP movies in IMAX once and loved it. Couldn't tell you which movie, tho, because I'm not really an HP fan. I just saw it because The Boy wanted me to.
J.Bro said…
I predict there will be a massive spike in traffic on your blog as tens of thousands of creepy middle-aged guys think they've found the holy grail.