Quickie - They're baaaaaaaack!

Breaking news!

Another vicious squirrel attack was reported in the Bay Area yesterday. Apparently the squirrel barged into a 1st grade classroom and proceeded to crawl up the pant leg of a mom who was there to serve as a chaperone for an upcoming field trip. After nipping her leg a few times, the squirrel escaped and bit another woman (who was trying to help the first victim) before dashing into the hall and mauling an 11 year old who the article quotes "Was just in the wrong place at the wrong time".

Thanks, Mr Obvious-Reporter. What, are we supposed to believe that the squirrel left the room to seek out that particular 11 year old intentionally? I can see it now: after biting two moms, the squirrel says to himself "These women are *old*! I can taste eet in their leatheree hides. Must...leave to attack something more...supple!" and dashes out of the room in search of Tiffany Amberson - the only one who can satisfy his bloodlust!

I swear, between this and attack turtles it's getting to the point where you can't trust any species anymore...


KC said…
ohmygod. I can just hear that little squirrel using his best Antonio Banderas/Puss-In-Boots accent. Too funny. Well, not funny for those that were in the wrong place at the wrong time, bite-wise.