Quickie - Toddler hero worship

OMG someone finally posted my *favorite* Spiderman short from the old "Electric Company" show on YouTube!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, people, you have no idea how happy this makes me. For some reason, this particular episode was the one I can specifically remember, possibly because the concept of a supervillian "Wall" was so ridiculous that it imprinted itself on my toddler mind mroe strongly than all the others. I mean, even *I* would know that a wall would be pretty much the worst criminal ever. I mean what's the worst that could happen? apparently if you oppose him he tries to knock you over. Particularly when he appears to be completely incapacitated by a little web that doesn't even cover his whole body.

That would never defeat me and my jackhammer of justice!


towwas said…
I have a whole 4 dvds of the electric company...but I can't tell you if that's on it, because I haven't watched them all.

Good story, huh? I think it's past my bedtime.
Grafs said…
I remember seeing this when I was in the second grade. Electric company rocked!