Rising from the ashes...

Well, that was an interesting little break. Sorry for the silence but that trip ended up being a lot more work and a lot less free time than I had anticipated. New England is very scenic and very fun to drive around in but I wasn't really expecting to be in a 7-hour meeting on Tuesday coupled with full days meeting multiple suppliers on Wednesday *and* Thursday. Heck, even the one guy who I thought had gone out of business turned out to still, in fact, be up and running*.

So, needless to say I tried to get caught up on the half-day I was in the office on Friday after another meeting that morning out in the 'burbs. Of course, that didn't work out as well as I had hoped, and I had to leave at my regular time in order to get home and put on my suit in time to drive back out to the 'burbs for a benefit that a friend of mine had volunteered with that went from 6:30 until nearly 10. And now I'm back home for just long enough to unpack and re-pack before leaving for Vegas on Monday for back-to-back trade shows - one there and the other one Thursday back in Massachusetts. And, of course I'm supposed to have a meeting with my boss on Monday to go over a list of things that I had hoped to put together while I was on the road but which didn't happen due to all the travel craziness.

Do I sound like I'm whining? Good, becuase I *totally* am. I'm so put out in fact that I'm sitting here on my deck blogging as a way of enjoying the nice weather and my new deck furniture. Taking a brief break from work stuff** with some catching up and a little Garrison Keillor. Ahhh...

This morning I was completely spoiled by the GF's parents, who are in town visiting for a few weeks. They took us out to brunch at one of my favorite spots in the South Loop - The Bongo Room. I have a love-hate relationship with this place because the original location was (and still is) in my old neighborhood, but it was so small and so popular that no matter how early I arrived there was always a wait of anywhere from 1 to 2 hours. It was like I was constantly being put through this torment of never being cool enough to get the pretty girl - it was like junior high all over again.

So when they opened a second location in the South Loop that is much bigger I was suddenly able to get in right away - provided I get there no later than 9:45 for brunch. It was like having the homecoming queen suddenly come on to you at the 10 year reunion - a little odd at first but you leave feeling pretty satisfied about yourself.

Just what I need before another two days having porn handed to me on the street in Vegas.

* Albeit having taken down the sign on his building, only having four people working in the office and zero people actually working in the plant making stuff. But hey, according to the owner that "thing with the IRS" will get taken care of real soon...
** That is almost done, relax, I won't get fired like Trump did.