What you say in Vegas *doesn't* always stay in Vegas...

While my time in Las Vegas has been short (it's currently almost 6:00 here and I plan on being in bed by 7:00-7:30 in order to survive my 3:00 am wake-up tomorrow for a 6:00 am flight) I've already had two priceless "Vegas Moments" just by paying attention to the weird things people say:

"I love you honey. Now you say it...I wanna hear *you* say it, too!...Now? I'm getting ready to go to bed. ... I know it's Vegas but I'm serious - I'm going to bed right now!" [Guy standing at the urinal in the restroom at the Mesa Grill at Caesar's Palace]

"Oh, that's pretty!" [Woman in Room Service after I ordered a Tomato & Basil pizza for dinner]

Ah, Vegas. As much as I hate to admit it however, I'm exhausted and am really looking forward to going to sleep soon. I first noticed this when I first came out here - for some reason Vegas makes me sleepy. Maybe I am having an adverse reaction to the strange gambling-inducing gases the casinos pump into the gaming floors* that causes the opposite effect of what is intended.

Oh well, tune in tomorrow for tales of my all-day air travel adventure!

* It's true - they pump in smells that they think will encourage people to stick around longer.