Willful ignorance does not equal news, people!

Since when is being willfully ignorant news? This one guy decides he never wants to watch Star Wars and suddenly it's front-page news to the world? Now he's famous, just watch, he'll be on Conan O'brien by the end of next week.

If that's enough to make him famous then why am I not equally famous for not having seen "The Godfather"? I've been alive just as long as he was, and the movie has been out for my entire life! I didn't get the 2-year respite where the movie didn't exist. I mean, why didn't my parent's sit me down at the multiplex as a newborn so I could get exposed to mob violence and decapitated horse heads and "offers I couldn't refuse" first thing out of the womb?

Come to think of it, maybe they did and they just never told me. Either way, it's ridiculous to give this one guy all the hype for not seeing one movie. I mean, couldn't they go out and talk to any pre-pubescent Amish kid and get the same thing?*

I guess I'm just grumpy because this guy somehow managed to turn his "Oh I've never seen Star Wars" into a full-fledged news story before I could do the same thing with the Godfather. Although admittedly, his story will now probably result in masses of Star Wars fanboys trying to kidnap him into a firced viewing a la Clockwork Orange, whereas fans of the Godfather (lacking the crazy factor) usually just say "Huh, really? You should see it." and then go about their business. Because they have jobs and stuff and lack the time to dress up in costumes.

* Sure, I could just say *any* Amish person but there is the whole "Rumspringa" thing, lord knows how many of the Amish headed straight for the theater or the DVD rental place immediately after the start of puberty and secretly carried their knowledge of Star Wars into adulthood once they returned to the fold.


Spice said…
I had the exact same thought when I saw that story, only my personal weird thing is that I've never had a McDonald's hamburger (and have always eaten beef). Actually I was also in the no-Godfather camp until earlier this year, when J.Bro and I were made to watch it by a friend. Afterwards, I said "Uh, I don't get why this is such a big deal?" and J.Bro and I admitted that we both thought it was kind of boring.

But yeah, not having seen Star Wars is not worthy of national news. I'm sure there are plenty of people in that category.
towwas said…
Ok. I was all set to defend the media, but that story is really dumb.
Grafs said…
I've never seen Leave it to Beaver, the Partridge Family, the Brady Bunch, etc etc... Alert the presses!
J.Po said…
I've never seen the Godfather. Or Spaceballs.
KC said…
A blogger-friend and I just talked about this recently. Not about this particular guy, but about people who haven't ever seen Star Wars. One of the theatre companies I work with did a parody called "The Star Wars Trilogy - Live!" several years ago and one of the critics who reviewed it said that a woman sitting near her mentioned that she had never seen any of the SW movies. The critic was surprised by this. I wasn't. Because that woman was my mother.
The Phoenix said…
I have never seen one Godfather movie. So I guess I'm missing out.

I have, however, seen The Next Karate Kid. Lord, I miss Pat Morita.
J.Bro said…
I knew one of the six comments would be Spice's, and I'm glad to see I was right. It makes me feel like such an MTV-fed ADD-dude, but if The Godfather had been half as long, I think I could have understood some of the appeal. Epic, my hinder - pretentious and boring is what it was.

I refuse to agree with Spice's dislike of the Lord of the Rings trilogy though. REFUSE!