Don't look directly at the stupid!

Given that I'm not a fan of reality television in general, it should come as no surprise to anyone that I have never actually watched "American Inventor". But after seeing a clip floating around on Youtube this past weekend I'm now sort of intrigued. The premise is that this woman came up with an idea for a new kind of lingerie that she pitched to the judges in a way that can only be described as "bold". The premise of it is that it looks like some sort of ribbon-thing that with just a tug of two strings, completely pops off*.

Obviously, the judges didn't really go for it. Naturally, the one women judge flipped out while the three guy judges sat there in a mix of stunned amazement and junior-high giggling**. Then the lady judge ran off and got her coat for the model to cover up, despite the fact that the robe she had been wearing was sitting about 5 feet away.

As I see it, there are two main problems with this woman's thinking:

First, the product itself. Obviously, I cannot speak for all men. But I can say that while most of us rather enjoy seeing our ladies nekkid, there is something to be said for having to do some work to get there. One timple tug to get to the promised land? The only guys that'll appeal to are the lazy guys who are either not willing to put forth a little effort or outright frightened by hooks, laces, buttons, and/or clips. And frankly, those guys should be the ones getting weeded out of the gene pool anyway.

Second, the venue. Seriously lady? You actually thought that promoting this product on a show that airs on ABC would be a good idea? They are owned by *Disney* for pete's sake! I can think of multiple places where this might fly and get serious inquiries (e.g. Fredricks of Hollywood, that porn trade show in Vegas, Britney Spears' concert costume designer). Heck, why not wait until Fox comes up with a copycat show of their own and try it there, at least they'd consider it.

* Sort of like warmup pants that you see NBA players taking off before coming into a game, only you go from being almost nekkid to being completely nekkid.
** Not to mention the undoubtable satisfaction from knowing that in an Alanis-Morrisetteish-style-of-ironic way; they were getting paid to see a stripper.