Final reunion post, I promise!

After spending yesterday catching up on work and mentally debriefing from the OAM reunion, here’s what I’ve learned as a result of the weekend:

  • My best friends are my college friends. Sure, the GF is my best-est friend, but I think she counts because she would have been a perfect OAM alumna if she had only know about it when she was applying.
  • I really, really, cannot tolerate heat well. This is no surprise to anyone.
  • The drive from Chicago to OAM-ville doesn’t feel nearly as long as it is. Sure, it’s six hours, but it *feels* like less. This is a good sign because I have to drive back up there in two weeks for the GF-and-I’s trip camping in the wilderness*.
  • My little 6-inch fan is useless as a room air-circulator. In fact, I think it circulated air about as well as my breathing in and out.**.
  • It’s only been ten years, but I’m already turning curmudgeonly and nostalgic about my college experience vis-à-vis the current students***.
  • Applying 55 spf sunblock every 2-3 hours is overdoing it a little, and will result in a thick layer of grout-like sunblock remnant working its way into every wrinkle on your skin.
  • OMG gas is cheap there! Well...either that or it's god-awful expensive in Chicago. The day I left I filled up for about $1 less per gallon than I usually pay down here. The final total added up to less than $40 for the first time in *months*!
  • We OAM alums sure like blogging about reunion!

* Complete with bears!

** Seriously, it was such a crappy fan that I threw it in the trash rather than carry it back home.

*** “We didn’t have no ‘recreation center’! We didn’t have no ‘wireless internet’! We had to use dialup! And if we had a 56k modem we were *lucky*!”


towwas said…
Yep, I plan to blog about nothing but reunion for the next, oh, six months at the least. What can I say? It gave me a lot to think about! And I took fifty million pictures, and *somebody* has to look at those.
C'est moi! said…
Reunions are exhilarating and exhausting all at once, much like the other memorable events of one's life. Your weekend adventure sounds like a pleasing mixture of past and present.
The Phoenix said…
It's the taxes they levy on the gasoline for all you Illinois people. When I cross back into MO, gas is always at least $.20 cheaper.
J.Po said…
Have you stopped posting because you promised you wouldn't post about reunion anymore? Or because you're busy? I've had a sick need to get shots of OAM info/folks ever since hanging out with y'all over the weekend. You're like a drug, people!
towwas said…
I know, Po, I just want everyone to post more reunion! More, more! I'm still not satisfied!
grrrbear said…
I only just got my pictures downloaded off my camera last night before bed. As soon as I get them transferred to Flickr I'll send you the link.

There. Now you have something to look forward to tonight, see?
grrrbear said…
Phoenix - Yeah, and it only gets worse the farther into the city you get. There's usually at least a $0.30-0.50 cent difference between the gas station by work (in the 'burbs) and the one by my house in the city.