Hi, my name is Grrrbear, and I'm a sweets-aholic

One of the things that amazes the GF about me* is the size of my sweet tooth. This is no secret, she has told me this to my face on multiple occasions. One reason for this is that it is one of the few areas where we really differ**. You see, I'm a sweets-lover and she's a salty junkie***. This is actually both a good thing and a bad thing for me. Good because I never have to worry about her eating any of my treats provided I supply a steady stream of popcorn and pita chips. It's not so great however because of the significantly higher caloric content of most of my favorites vis-a-vis her favorites. In fact I've sort of scaled back my sweets consumption over hte past couple years as my metabolism has gradually decided to give up and let the terrorists win.

But yesterday we went to a lamb roast that is thrown by a colleague of hers every year. It is usually a pretty big soiree and does, indeed, involve the roasting of an entire lamb on a spit. While the lamb is usually quite tasty, it's all the other stuff that really makes it a good party: corn on the cob grilled in the husk, various assortments of pasta and potato salad, veggies and dip, etc. But the best thing is an entire table of baked goods - both the homemade stuff as well as the "We bought this at the Jewel on the way here" favorites. There were little cupcakes, three different kinds of brownies, some sort of bar that combines yellow cake with an apple pie filling, and fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.

Needless to say I completely fell off the wagon. Total amount consumed: five brownies (4 frosted, one fresh-from-the-oven), three cake-plus-apple-pie bars****, two cupcakes, one grasshopper Oreo, and a chocokate-chip/oatmeal cookie. All that, plus a lamb-filled pita picket sandwich as a main course. I swear, not since B&L's wedding (with the multiple cakes) have I gorged myself on pastries like I did yesterday.


Yet, in an amazing twist of fortune, when I weighed myself this morning I was actually a half-pound lighter than I was on Saturday. America's next diet craze will clearly be the "All Pastry" diet...

* Aside from the blinding good looks, mind-boggling intelligence, rapier wit, and boundless modesty, of course.
** Well...this and the whole "she's a vegetarian" thing.
*** Avast!
**** I mean, I had to identify what they were, after all...it was for science!