Obviously, I lack the eye for quality that J.Bro has

Rooting around in the old unpacked boxes Sunday, I found three old pairs of jeans. Not just any old pairs of jeans either, but three timeless classics of a generation gone by: a pair of Levi’s Silvertab jeans, a pair of Arizona Jeans Company jeans, and (better yet) a pair of Gitano jeans. These were jeans that I wore back in my high school/college years and that had somehow managed to evade detection over the years by hiding in this little box I had overlooked all this time. Like Anne Frank or Macchu Picchu, except with tapered legs and a faded stonewash.

I was pretty excited to find them actually. I mean, these were my cool jeans! But when I pulled them from the box and rushed them over to show the GF, she looked like I was showing her something dead. The conversation went something like this:

GF: “OMG what are those things?”

GB: “They’re my old jeans! Levi’s Silvertab, Arizona, and Gitano. See? Wasn’t I cool?”

GF: “They look disgusting. What are those stains?”

GB: “What stains?”

GF: “Those stains right there.”

GB: “I don’t know, they’ve been in a box for at least 5 years… I wonder what I’d get if I sold them on eBay!”

GF: “Probably nothing.”

GB: “What do you mean? They’re, like, vintage!”

GF: “No honey, your moldy old jeans with the mysterious stains are *not* vintage. But it’s very cute that you think so.”

GB: “You think they’re filled with dangerous allergens, don’t you?”

GF: “Don’t bring those any closer, please.”

Of course, when I looked up Gitano jeans on eBay it turns out she’s right. It’s not worth the $10 I might get to figure out how to actually post them.