Quickie - Roadtrip!

Those of you playing along at home should probably know that I'm blogging from OAM at the moment, where I'm at for a fun long weekend at my 10 year college reunion. I've alreayd hung out with TOWWAS and J.Po quite a bit and no doubt there will be a OAM Reunion foot picture yet to come. I'm trying to schedule it for tomorrow when I can wear my loon shoes and can be easily identified.

More stories to come, probably.

Oh, also don't worry about me thus far - despite the two days of 90 degree heat and merciless sun, regular applications of sunblock have prevented any sunburn, I'm as pasty as ever.

Now, must go reapply...


Spice said…
Dude, you guys have to wait for me before taking the photo!
towwas said…
Oh, don't you worry - it was scheduled around your appearance. :)