Olympic Rorschach Baby!

The title of the Reddit link to an article describing the new logo for the London 2012 Olympics is: "London 2012 Olympics Logo resembles Lisa Simpson giving head".

Frankly, I kinda get what they're talking about*:

Initially, I was a little surprised that London was just coming out with their logo *now*. After all, Chicago's had our logo done for months as part of our bid to win the 2016 games, and it's way cooler:

Sadly, though, we won't get to actually use that logo because the IOC has some rules forbidding host cities from using Olympics symbols like the rings, the torch, and medals in their city logo. Which makes perfect sense, because heaven forbid that people know that the city is hosting the friggin' Olympics, and not, say, a large bake-off or bridge tournament.

Lord...sometimes trademark laws are so stupid...

* Although to be completely honest at first I thought it read "Jessica Simpson giving head". Not that it mattered - it pretty much looks like anybody giving head, including Milo Bloom, Huey from the Boondocks, and just about any Lego Character ever made.