Quickie - This man who made me Science Student of the Year of my graduating class

Mr. Wizard passed away from bone cancer yesterday. I'm very sad. He and Mr. Rodgers were two of the real quality role models for boys on television while I was growing up. Mr. Rodgers for being the quintessential friend who said it was all right for me to be me, and Mr. Wizard for showing how much fun you can have around your house with stuff that's already sitting in your mom's cupboard*.

Anyway, if you were a fan of the Mr. Wizard's world show on Nickelodeon, here's a total flashback:

Man, I'ts been *years* since I'd seen that. Thanks, YouTube!

* Mom: "Where's the baking soda?" Me: "We ran out!" Mom: "Were you making volcanos again?"


The Phoenix said…
He is the man that got me interested in science. Mr. Wizard will be missed.

My neighborhood buddies would come over (since I was the only one with cable) and we'd watch him on Nickleodeon. That opening sequence brought back a flood of great memories.