Hittin' the road again...

Well, it appears as though I’ll probably be taking a brief hiatus from blogging for a few days. Not because of any serious personal problems or because I have nothing to blog about* but rather because I’m going on vacation to the north woods of Minnesota. My Grrrdad bought some land up there a few years ago and I’ve never been. I’m all packed up for a 6 hour drive up to my dad’s today, coupled with another 4 hours tomorrow to get up to where he’s already set up. It’s a long trip, but don’t worry – I’m bringing along the GF to keep me entertained on the road.

While I’m all excited about this trip, there are two things I’m particularly interested in. First, the promise of some clear nights made me bring along my giant telescope that let’s me see through time. Second, the area around my dad’s land is pretty much wilderness, so this means we’ll get to see all sorts of animals! Of course, this includes bears, which the GF is less excited about than the prospect of getting to play with the chipmunks, bluebirds, raccoons, etc that will naturally come out to play with her just like they do Disney Princesses.

So while I’m going to be having hella fun this weekend, I might be a little quiet on the blog-front, depending on when and where I can get access. If you don’t hear from me for a while, don’t worry. If you don’t hear from me after Sunday though, assume I’ve been eaten by bears.

* For instance, yesterday on the way home from work I saw a truck that actually had a set of those “Bumper Nuts” dangling off the hitch. I have pictures too, but I forgot to download them to my laptop when I got home. So you have *that* to look forward to when I get back.


The Phoenix said…
Have a great time. Hopefully you'll see a UFO in the nigt sky.
Grafs said…
Have fun, and DON'T get eaten by bears. Yeah...That advice comes free. :P