I'm back!

After days spent in the wilderness and hours spent in the car, the GF and I returned victoriously from the north woods last night. Obviously, there are enough stories to last for days, which I’ll probably roll out as I can think of them over the near future. But, here’s a short list of trip-related stories and “things learned” that I’ll be relating when I finish unpacking and get a little more time to write:

  • There *are* indeed bears running around wild in the north woods; also flying squirrels which aren’t nearly as scary but are equally interesting to dogs.
  • You never really appreciate showers until you go without them for a few days
  • Trying to avoid smelling like bug spray to bed by wearing long sleeves and pants is only partially successful, at best.
  • Even though my "beard" is still pretty sparse on my face, I already have grey hairs in it.
  • Chopping down a tree with an axe is harder than you think it is.
  • The GF is a pyromaniac.
  • Grown-ups will shift Mad Libs from innocuous to x-rated even faster than junior high boys, particularly if alcohol is around.
  • Ladies – always remember to double-check that your bikini top is securely fastened before going swimming.
  • Not all bridesmaids wear underwear, nor do all of them care whether or no you know that on a hot day.

All told, it was a *great* weekend.