Living the frat boy dream

This weekend the GF and I were invited by a friend of mine to go out with him on his boat on the lake. We accepted, of course*, and made our way down to the dock for our 11:00 departure. It was, frankly, a *perfect* day to be out on the lake, sunny with a few clouds, a nice breeze, and temperatures in the mid-70’s. Two other friends of the owner were there as well as his girlfriend and a friend of hers. So we were a party of seven, but the boat was big enough for everyone to find a seat comfortably.

Now, where I come from, boating is a pretty active sort of activity. You go down to the lake and drive around back and forth to different places. Maybe do some skiing, maybe get pulled on an inner tube, that sort of thing. I wasn’t exactly certain what sort of activities boating on Lake Michigan entailed, but I figured it’d be fairly similar.

Boy was I wrong.

We ended up driving around to a little spot just off of Oak Street Beach and dropping anchor. It was obviously a pretty popular spot, as there were *dozens* of other boats there, many of which were much bigger than ours. I swear, it was like I had been plucked up and dropped down in the middle of the MTV beach house. The neighbor boats were huge and apparently came with their own supply of bikini-girls, one in particular had a bikini-girl:speedo-clad, slightly tubby white guy ratio of apparently 10:1. The owner of that boat was also wearing a white tuxedo and oversized top hat.

It was all exactly like what I thought my first fraternity party would have been like had I ever attended one, only on the water. That said, it was hella fun! We inflated our little party platform and tied it onto the boat, crawled on board and then switched between sipping mojitos** in the sun and swimming when we got warm. And, thanks to my SPF 55 sunscreen, I didn’t get any sunburn *anywhere*. As a matter of fact, a boatload of bikini-girls drove past gawking at me, apparently so smitten with my fish-belly whiteness that they were speechless.

Oh yeah, ladies love the pastiness...

* After all, the only thing better than owning a boat is having a friend with a boat
** One of the other guests on the boat was a former bartender


Grafs said…
Sounds like fun. I've actually flirted with melanoma in order to get some semblance of a tan this summer.
towwas said…
Aw, that sounds fun! I love mojitos. And a tan probably won't give you melanoma, Grafs, whoever you are.
grrrbear said…
Well, *I'm* not getting a tan. Hence the SPF 55. Sure, I know it's overkill, but what's a little paranoia amongst friends, right?
towwas said…
Go white boy! Here's my favorite recent article about the sun:
grrrbear said…
Hey Grafs, if you're still reading this thread, why does it take an hour to fill a prescription for Cipro? I mean, it's six pills!