Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Quickie - Overheard... the Cubs game recently - a conversation between two Lincoln Park Chad frat-boys in the row behind me:

Chad #1: Did I tell you about the time my friend was making out with this drunk chick in the bathroom at this bar? He was in Charlotte for business and he was talking up this chick and she said "Do you wanna go somewhere quieter?" So he followed her into the bathroom and she pulls him into the stall and starts going at him, man! But then her fat friend comes into the bathroom and tries to get her to come out of the stall! She's totally trying to open the door, saying "Come out [whatever the name was]! It's time to go!" The drunk chick was telling her to go away, but she wouldn't leave and kept trying to open the stall door. Finally we heard the fat chick get down on her knees and she stuck her head *under* the stall door to yell at her friend! Man, it was so weird...

Chad #2: Dude, that was me.

Chad #1: Seriously?

Chad #2: Yeah dude, that was my story.

Chad #1: Whoa man, that would have freaked me out!

And people wonder why I don't go out in Lincoln Park...

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