Talk amongst yourselves...

Between work ramping up for the start of a new project and a bevy of stuff going on weeknights this week I’ve entered one of those periods where you find yourself frantically searching your scheduler, desperately trying to figure out when things will all even out and some downtime will appear. For me, it’s not wrapping up until next Friday, although most of my weekend is currently free, I have a driver’s safety school class to do and have promised myself I’ll finish the Harry Potter book before I accidentally overhear some teenager at the El Stop talking about how she couldn’t believe that the book ends with Harry waking up and it turns out the whole thing was a dream and he’s actually a lead character from an earlier book series* like the series finale of “Newhart”.

Unfortunately all of the craziness in my non-work life is really too dull to be blogworthy – mostly things like getting groceries or dropping the car off at the shop**. So I’m forced to talk about neat stuff I saw on the web recently. Today it’s one that I think TOWWAS will particularly enjoy, what with her being a singer and all...

Check it out. In particular, check out the first and second recordings. Then, when you’re feeling bad about your own singing abilities, listen to the third. *That* woman sold out Carnegie Hall and was apparently the William Hung of her time. Of course, one wonders whether William Hung would have sold out Carnegie Hall, but that’s a point for the scholars to debate.

If you're particularly bored, also check out the sounds of the Russian exorcism (which even I found to be creepy, and I'm not all that creeped out by stuff like this often) and the "first recorded human voice" which I could only kinda tell was a human, but could in no way understand, perhaps because it's in another language, I don't know - can you understand it?

* Say, Encyclopedia Brown or Tom Sawyer
** Granted, there may be blog-worthy drama when I get the bill, but that won’t be until tomorrow at the earliest.


towwas said…
Oh, great. Now you've spoiled the end of Newhart for me. Thanks a lot.

Yeah, I've heard that castrato recording before - pretty wild, isn't it? Supposedly he wasn't even a very good castrato, but he's the only one who lasted into the era of recorded music. It was supposed to sound absolutely incredible live - the power of a man's voice with the range of a woman's. Must have been a hell of an effect in person!

The other recordings are new to me, though - very cool!
towwas said…
Ok, the exorcism was kind of weird, but the really creepy one is the Jim Jones one - I had to stop listening about 5 minutes in and found the transcript instead: