The maginitude of the GF's coolness knows no bounds!

Those of you who are regular readers might think you know how cool the GF is, what with her teaching me to dress myself and all. But the thing is you don’t know the half of it. In addition to being smart, funny, and hot, she’s also a very gifted filmmaker. Don’t believe me? Well now you can actually watch something that she made because it’s up on the internets!

Current TV is a really interesting network in that not only does it solicit programs to aid from viewers, but it also airs commercials for selected sponsors made by viewers. She and some friends of hers went out and made an ad for the Toyota Prius a couple weeks ago and the finished version is now up on the Current TV website for America to go and vote on whether it gets aired.

Check it out:

Now go vote your approval! Show the corporate bigwigs that consumers will respond to other stimuli than “588-2300”, talking ducks, geckos with ever-evolving accents, and emotionally-insecure cavemen!

Obviously, I’m biased, but I think it’s freakin’ awesome. Hopefully Toyota will think so too and they’ll give her a free Prius.


Spice said…
Not only is is a good ad, it features a Prius exactly like mine. Thumbs up!
KC said…
Yes. She is totally cool. I really, really want a Prius, but buying a new car is not in the cards for me right now.
Nick said…
Is she making fun of *your* car in this commercial?
grrrbear said…
Actually Nick I think she's making fun of the jerkholes who drive cars like mine...which means she's making fun of *me*.

Of course, I cackle evilly like that all the time, so I probably deserve it.