It was only $40 anyway

After nearly 8 years of dedicated service, my Samsonite carryon finally gave up the ghost this weekend. Historically, I’ve been a big Samsonite brand whore when it comes to luggage. It’s a little odd really, in almost everything I buy, I know that brand doesn’t really matter, and that usually the off-brand/generic stuff is just as good as the brand name equivalent*. But when it comes to luggage, there is something about the thought of a ripped zipper causing the whole thing to pop open, exposing my Jetsons boxer shorts to the general populace. Thus my desire for something a little tougher than average and my extreme brand loyalty.

But in this case because I flew back into town Sunday night and am flying back out tonight on another business trip I didn’t have time for my usual trip out to the outlet mall to visit the Samsonite store. So I stopped by Marshall’s after work hoping that they’d have a Samsonite carryon, which they usually do. But of the three they did have, one was missing it’s inner lining and the other didn’t have shoe pockets. Shoe pockets are important for guys because unlike women’s shoes (which are typically small and pack easily) men’s shoes take up a lot of space and shoe pockets help keep them in place.

So given that none of the Samsonite stuff was looking good and I had a flight the next day, I looked over the other bags, trying my best to find something that would at least work for this trip. And what to my wondering eye did appear? But a bright red carryon that was the right size, with shoe pockets and ball-bearing wheels, plus a little pocket on the side that zipped open to hold water bottles while walking through the airport! The only unusual thing was that it was an American Airlines brand. Now, I’d never heard of or seen AA luggage before, but apparently it does exist. Who knows why, maybe this is luggage that is only issued to pilots and top American executives!

If so, I wonder if I show my carry-on to the pilot when I board he’ll let me drive the plane. Not in the air of course, but it’d be fun to taxi it around on the tarmac while we’re waiting due to a ground stop. After all, I fly through O’Hare – there’s always a delay in one direction, at least.

* e.g. breakfast cereal, prescription drugs, OTC drugs,


Sophist said…
wow, a free plane ticket onto any AA flight for only $40!

hope it's worth it. I've only bought samsonite as well for the past, oh, 12 years or so. It is also one of my few extreme cases of brand loyalty.
KC said…
Of course you get to drive the airplane when you by AA luggage! Wasn't there a little tag attached explaining that? It was missing? Too bad. They won't let you drive the plane without that tag.
grrrbear said…
Sophist - Yeah, I'm a little apprehensive about going with the not-samsonite, too. But I was running out of time to find something. Of course, by the time I got it home and packed, I realized that I wasn't going to be gone long enough to even justify bringing the carryon, so I re-packed everything into my rolling briefcase and ended up not using the AA bag anyway.

KC - Darnit! There was no tag on mine...that's the price one pays for shopping at Marshalls, I guess.
J.Po said…
Hey now! I recently replaced my first carry-on-size luggage as well. I bought my replacement at Ross (I don't know that they have those out thar) and I LOVE it. I may post a pic. There are no shoe pockets, but I'm a chick so it doesn't matter (except for the fact that my feet are so big, they might as well be male).
Spice said…
I was also a dedicated Samsonite user until my carryon bit it about four years ago. At that point, my mom did some investigating at a luggage store, and they revealed that Samsonite is not the best! Far from it, in fact. They suggested Travelpro, which is what many pilots and such use (and is also the brand with the Eiffel Tower emblem). Anyhoo, I now have a couple of Travelpro items and couldn't be happier - they're much sturdier than my old Samsonite stuff and well designed.
The Phoenix said… most recent post mentions O'Hare and delays.

I'm a brand whore when it comes to everything Swiss Army.
HAR said…
Let us know if you get to drive the plane around. :)