Nope, I'm not dead, and I am not quitting blogging. I just wanted to take a little break because:
  1. The next two months are so chock full of stuff-going-on that I really needed to just take a little break and veg out.
  2. Work is entering a "busy phase", full of long flights in small jets full of large, sweaty people. Mercifully, this time I only have four trips to take.
  3. Frankly, this past week was pretty boring and I had very little to blog about that would have been anything other than a mild distraction from your regular Friday night "Watch-Paint-Dryathon".
  4. I finally watched the Godfather (parts I and II) and wow - those are some long ass movies! I enjoyed them both though. And I skipped Part III in order to watch 300, which was freakin' AWESOME - but I think that may be only because I'm a boy.

But this week it all comes to an end. I have a new employee to train, details to finalize for an upcoming trip overseas*, a bunch of board and committee stuff to do for the RCTC**, and pack for my first trip for work. It's in Minneapolis, and I'm trying to figure out where I should go to see the 35W bridge site. I know it might seem a little morbid, but I feel like I owe it to myself to see it before it becomes a construction site like the WTC site. I always regretted a little bit not going to see the WTC before it got all cleaned up.

*Paid for by work - woot

** Really Cool Theater Company - it's just easier to say it that way.


Sophist said…
yes, have missed your blogging...

Oh, I hear that in analyzing audiences for movies, it was found that the majority of women liked "300" but only a minority of men liked it. Kind of like women absolutely went nuts over "Gladiator" and "Lord of the Rings" because there were so many hot male characters in it!

Good luck with all of the work!!! Where are you going overseas?
Nick said…
Minneapolis! That's where I am.

I'm not sure of the best place to see the bridge, but some possible spots are from the Stone Arch Bridge, the Washington Ave bridge over 35 or University Ave bridge over 35 on the other side of the river. I think you can also get reasonably close along the River Road.
grrrbear said…
Sophist - well, that and the fact that the men in 300 were pretty much nekkid and in way better shape than the average american dude. It probably gave most guys a big inferiority complex.

nick - Yup! I confirmed with Grrrdad that the Stone Arch bridge is the best place, so I'm going to try and check it out before I head up to small-town MN to see Grrrmom, but after lunch with Grrrdad.