About last night

So, after all my posting yesterday, you probably thought I was too tired to do anything else, right? Well you'd be wrong!

About the time I finished last night, I had dinner reervations for actual dinner at the Ratskellar. on my way out the door, though, I got caught up watching a little bit of the free orchestra concert taking place in the rear of the hotel. Like in America, the people gathered around had brought their own torches. Unlike the US, where the sight of a crowd with huge beeswax torches would elicit cries of a riot or legal liability, here, it's just a bunch of people sitting out with huge candles.

Of course, by the time I pulled myself away and made it down to the restaurant, I was a little late for my reservation. But since it was kind of a slow evening, I was still able to get into an available dining closet! Obviously, all the dining closet types were busy sitting on the lawn, imperiling their children with torches and non-flame resistant clothing.

I, on the other hand, was enjoying some kind of traditional dish involving a kind of German version of Corned Beef hash involving ground sausage, some sort of cous-cous like pasta, a ton of butter, and some fried potatoes with a side of applesauce. This, of course, was coupled by a nice big stein of beer. Mmmm...

I swear, as someone who grew up eating meat and potatoes, this was friggin' awesome meat and potatoes! Man, it was so filling even I couldn't eat the whole thing. Then I finally got a good picture of the huge wine barrels that populate the dining room. I'm not sure whether or not those are original, but they looked like it. I could almost stand up vertical inside one.

Of course, then I had to haul my stuffed belly all the way back to the hotel. But given how many calories I had just consumed, it was probably all for the best.