Coming up for air...briefly...

Oddly enough, right when I thought I was actually going to have a bit of a lull in the schedule, things got crazy again and I ended up going dark for a week. And now I leave for Germany tomorrow and am running around trying to remember to pack enough underwear. Sheesh. It’s a good thing that I’m taking this work trip – I need to get away from work.

The most irritating thing is all the potential blog topics that I’ve missed! Britney’s debacle at the VMA’s*, the whole Larry Craig’s bathroom adventures issue**, all the crap coming out of my state capital as the governor and the state legislature engage in a ginormous pissing contest.

Oh well, at least now I get to go to Europe for two weeks. For fun, here is a list of things I’ve either read about or been told about the show that I’m going:

  1. The exhibitors give away free beer in their booths at the trade show.
  2. Similarly, the “booth babes” are not only prevalent, but unlike in the US, in Europe they are frequently nekkid, covered only with body paint.
  3. It will be easy for me to take the train from my hotel directly to the show – even though the two are located in two different cities approximately 80 miles apart.
  4. Everyone in Germany speaks English. Same with Denmark and Sweden.
  5. The weather will be perfect! For me at least (cloudy, mid-50’s in Sweden to mid-60’s in Germany).

Tune in Saturday morning for post #1 of Grrrbear takes Europe detailing the horrors of flying in a lay-flat seat in business class…

* Now I just feel sorry for the poor kid. Sure, she should *not* have exposed more skin than all of her backup dancers combined, but come on. At some point don’t we have to feel sorry for her? Maybe not as much as this guy, but still.

** In my home state nonetheless!


towwas said…
Omg. I am so jealous of you. Uh, not the naked ladies covered in body paint part, but the going to Europe and taking the train! I want to go to Europe and take the train!
KC said…
I hope you'll find time to get out on your own while you're in Europe. All work and no play makes Grrrbear a sad boy, right?
grrrbear said…
Actually, I had a meeting fall through on the second monday, so I'll have two whole days to explore Copenhagen. Woot! I've always wondered where the chewing tobacco comes from!