Damn jet-lag...

One of the reasons I chose the hotel where I'm staying is that it has a free breakfast every morning. And since it's a kinda fancy hotel, I was looking forward to a fancy free breakfast when I woke up today. Of course, despite my ability to stay awake post-arrival until my regular bedtime, the jet lag made me sleep for 11 hours last night. So when I did wake up the free breakfast had already closed for the day. On well, I guess I'll have to pick up a croissant or something* while I'm wandering downtown today, getting my railpass validated and whatnot.

I did managed to go for a little walk yesterday. Bremen has a really neat area in downtown where the streets are all pedestrian-only. Like an outdoor mall, except the buildings are hundreds of years old. Today I'll bring my camera so I'll have pictures to share tonight after I get back. I can say that I ended up talking with three different people yesterday** and Germans are *really* nice. Much moreso than the French and Spaniards that I've encountered in my last trip. Of course, that may be due to the fact that I'm pasty and have funky glasses that lets me appear more like a native than I do French*** and don't look anything like a Spaniard****.

Well, now I need to grab a shower and start making up for lost time today!

* I'm not really sure what the German's eat for breakfast, actually. Perhaps they have some sort of breakfast pretzel?
** Not including the people asking for handouts, which I have no idea how to respond to since I have no idea what they are saying.
*** I don't dress nearly well enough to pass for French. Heck, I have barely enough fashion-ness to pass for German.
**** Again, the pastiness.


towwas said…
Oh gosh, yeah - those glass will totally help you pass in Germany. I always passed for Norwegian until I opened my mouth...just by being white and vaguely northern-european-looking, I think. They're not so into the funky glasses there, which is good, because my glasses were pretty unfunky at the time.