Day 4 - On with the show!

After a few days of bustin' my hump to try and cover all of this ginormous show, I'm doing pretty well, and was able to throttle back and take in some of the floor shows at the various company booths here. And let me tell you, it was worth it. You see, some of the companies roll out new products at the show. Others (who may not have anything terribly new or innovative) rely on extravagant, overproduced, occasionally comical entertainment*.

Let's start off with something simple. Since we're in Europe, how about some dancing Benny Hill girls!? Or better yet, Benny Hill Girls who play their own instruments?

If dancing girls aren't your thing, how about girls bouncing from ginormous rubber bands?

Maybe that didn't do it for you either. Maybe this is all pretty conventional to you, typical of what you'd see at your locak Halloween parade. Well how about three Robin-Hood-type dudes in primary colors battling an army of Euro-Matrix Ninjas in a battle to the finish!?!?

Yeah, I thought the same thing. Wow. On the way back I passed by the giant Lowenbrau lion that I showed the picture of a few days back. What wasn't captured in that picture is that is animatronic. And it roars! ROOOAARRRR!!!...well...kind of. To me it sounds a little more like a giant cow, but maybe Lion roars sound like cows in German:

When all was done and I'd finished up another 11 hour day, I stopped by the lounge to take a video that would actually upload. Too bad the pianist wasn't there this time...

* Think the orchestra-cum-keytar pop group from earlier.


towwas said…
Yep - that lion sounds a lot like a cow.