On the rails again II - the revenge

I do have a *ton* of pictures and stories from my wanderings in Copenhagen, but at the moment, it's taking longer to assemble than I originally anticipated. For now, here's a few interesting points about Denmark to tide ya'll over until I get into Sweden tonight as I'm about to leave for the train station.
  • Danish is a *weird* language. And for the life of me I can't figure out what *anyone* is saying. Actually, to me people talking in Danish sounds an awful lot like English being played backwards. I keep expecting to hear satanic phrases pop up in conversations on the street like in a Black Sabbath album.
  • In Denmark, while they have "Danishes" (the breakfast pastry) they do not call them "Danishes". Instead, they call them "Vienna Bread". Potato, po-tahto - either way they are pretty damn good here. Except for this morning when a ginormous Japanese tour group cleaned out the free breakfast buffet before I could get down there; at 8:30 in the morning, too! Grrr...
  • Finally, I saw this on Geekology yesterday and could not believe my eyes. They really are transforming clothes. (Warning - there is fashion model nekkidness at the very end of the clip, but it's pretty tasteful for fashion nekkidness. The outfit itself is much less tasteful, and WAY less utilitarian. I mean, when would one *ever* need a dress that can retract all the way up into the hat?). Anyway, the rest of the clip is so fascinating I'm posting it anyway.


towwas said…
Norwegians say that Danes sound like they're talking with hot potatoes in their mouths.