Saturday, September 22, 2007

On the rails again, just can't wait to get on the rails again....

After a week in Bremen, I'm suddenly finding that it's a lot harder to pack everything back into my suitcase than it was before I left. Hmmm... Good thing I've got an "expandable" suitcase and an extra duffel bag packed away. Otherwise there's a bunch of stuff I wouldn't be able to bring home.

Yesterday on my last day here I finished up some touristy shopping and managed to catch a glockenspiel show back in the little Bottcherstrasse (fake Diagon's Alley) before I left. Yeah, when they rebuilt the area after the war, the installed a full-size glockenspiel at the top of one of the houses.


The show only plays three times a day, but it goes on for a *long* time. And, oddly enough, it is accompanied by an interactive display that sings the praises of various famous people in the transportation industry - including Robert Fulton and Charles Lindbergh (who is also apparently famous in Germany):


But this morning, I'm packing. I leave for the train station at 11:28 on a trip that will take (allegedly) six hours by train. Suddenly, I find myself wishing that I had brought more reading materials with me, because I doubt I'll be able to find a new book to read at the station that is in English...

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