Quickie - The joys of language

Funny story about my commute out to "work" this morning. As I was taking the subway from the train station to the show, I was sitting in front of three men who were speaking spanish. It was a joy to hear a language that I actually understand for once. And as much as I didn't *want* to eavesdrop, they were right in front of me, and I couldn't understand anything that anyone else was saying anyway. They were mostly talking about business and negotiations*, and after about 4-5 minutes, they suddenly all switched to English. It was weird. For a second, I thought my Spanish was so good that I was understanding it as English.

But no, they were actually just speaking English. And they were talking about some pretty saucy stuff. Maybe that's why they switched to English, I don't know. but it sure seems like the wrong language to switch to to discuss dirty stories in a country where pretty much *I've* encountered speaks English anyway.

Anyway, about 4 minutes from the show, one of them was discussing a particularly interesting negotiating tactic - claiming that "And then, as she was gently manipulating my private parts I suddenly became much more interested in making an offer!"

The other two laughed heartily at this. Me, I was wondering what line of work these guys were in.

* It turns out they were businessmen who were goign to the same place I was


Sophist said…
WHOA, locker room on the train... that's a super creepy thing for that guy to be sharing with his buddies.