Sights and sounds of my trip

Because pictures just aren't enough to capture my time here

Short clip inside the Ratskellar:

In the pedestrian area just north of the market square:

Finally, I ran across a street crew doing a video shoot near the pig sculptures. They weren't interviewing anyone, just sitting around using the pigs as benches. In fact, everyone was using the pigs as benches, it's a very popular thing to do with them, apparently. I think I did end up in one of their shots. So if you're watching MTV Europe tonight, look for the bald pasty guy!


towwas said…
Seriously? There was a guy playing accordion in the street? That is too awesome.
KC said…
Wow! So much to read about your trip. I'm catching up now. I've watched the vids but we have no audio at work so I'll watch them again later from home. Can I just say how jealous I am? I wish my job let me travel to such wonderful places!