T Minus 2.5 hours and counting...

I have about three hours until I leave for the airport, and I’ve already figured out two things I forgot to pack. Admittedly, I’m terrible at packing for trips, particularly long ones. I even had the GF’s help putting together a packing checklist before I left, but somehow managed to forget my jacket and my sunglasses. Mercifully, the weather is supposed to be cloudy and rainy most of the time I’m there, so not only will I not need my sunglasses, but I’ll probably be wearing my rain jacket most of the time anyway.

This morning I’ve already been busy printing up train timetables and planning which trains I’ll be taking on which days. The most exciting part? By taking the 5:27pm return train each day I’ll get non-stop rides on the ICE straight from the trade show back to my hotel! Sweet! I still find it a little amazing that my 85 mile commute back and forth between the two cities will take only 20 minutes more than my 13 mile commute two work back here in the states. Plus in no way can I drink beer in the car; but on the train, why not?

Anyway, while I’m off being world traveler for the day, here’s something totally cool to keep you entertained. Ever wondered how powerful the water shoots out from fire hoses? Me too! (Thanks to Geekologie for the tip.)

Now we know! And knowing is half the battle!


towwas said…
That hose thing is totally cool!