The trip from Bremen up to Copenhagen felt much quicker than it actually was. First, I had to take a train from Bremen up to Hamburg to catch a connection to Copenhagen. But what I hadn't anticipated is that since it was Saturday it was football game day in Germany! And apparently, Hamburg had just played a match in Bremen that morning, which they had won. So the train platform was not only populated with people traveling to visit friends and family, but it was also full of very happy Hamburg supporters. It was a much different experience from anything I'd ever seen in American sports. Beer and Champagne was flowing freely, not only on the train, but also on the platform as we were waiting for the train. And, of course, every few minutes, the songs would start up:

Sure, I could have taken a longer shot, but you get the idea.

As for Hamburg itself, well, I didn't really get to see a lot of it, as my connection only left me with about 30 minutes between trains. In fact, I barely had enough time to walk around the station a little bit before making my way to my train to Copenhagen. And that part of the trip was one of the most fun because I got to take a ferry from Germany to Denmark - while still on the train! It was neat because the whole train just drove right onto the ferry:

Note: the face that appears a few times in that clip is not, indeed, a ghost. Rather she is a very nice English translator I sat across from who was returning from a conference in Germany. She was really friendly and spoke incredibly clear English, which was refreshing after a week of German.

Once on the ferry, I had 45 minutes to wander around on deck, exchange my Euros for Danish Kroner* and wander up on deck to watch the transit. It was beautiful:

Then, once we were docked on the other side, we really started to make time. As fast as the trains I rode in Germany were, they were pretty much all short-run trains. Now that we were on a long-distance train, we were really moving!

Pulling into Copenhagen after six hours on various trains, I was more than happy that I had chosen a hotel a block away from the central station. Yay for short walks.

* Denmark is in the EU, but like the UK it has an exception from switching to the Euro.