Obviously, things haven't been working out as well as I'd like with respect to my week-daily witticisms here. Honestly, it's been a combination of a lot of things including (but not limited to):
  • A level of crazy-business at work that borders on mad-stupid
  • A lot of TTC-related stuff as we kick off the new season (adding a fourth show - woot!)
  • A plethora of weekend guests lately
  • Having to do my own laundry after needing to cancel my cleaning lady the last two times* due to scheduling conflicts
  • In general, there's not much interesting going in in my life lately

Even if I were to blog, my entries would be mostly along the lines of "Today I woke up and went to work until late. Then I had a meeting. Then I had some cereal for dinner. Don't feel bad, you're not missing much.

So I guess I'm saying I'm taking the next week off just to get through this latest gig playing host and try to get my life organized again. After next weekend I'll have all sorts of adventures to share from the getawway that I'm taking the GF on, so at least I'll have material.

* Which I think is irritating her, understandibly