My annual Halloween Rant about Slutty Costumes

On the way into work each morning, I pass all kind of little mom-and-pop retail establishments – the number of which only increases as I move west into less affluent neighborhoods. On the way in this morning, I happened to notice a clothing store at one of the corners that was showing a bunch of new styles of dresses. Typically, this wouldn’t be of much note, except that all the mannequins were sporting hemlines that ended well above the knee – in some cases as much as six inches so.

Now, I’m (obviously) no fashion expert. As much as I try to understand women’s style choices there are always moments where I am confused. It’s like just when I start to feel like I understand it – they pull something like this and I get all befuddled again. No doubt, this is all part of the plan.

So here’s my confusion. It’s nearly November…in Chicago…last weekend it got down to the mid 30’s overnight. Why would a woman want to wear something so short that even sitting down would be a risky endeavor? And why would a store want to offer nothing *but* that as an option? Is this just a continuation of the “slutty [insert profession here]” costume trend* – only now it’s extending into real life? The only explanation I can guess stems from the visit to the party store that the GF and I took last night. We had to get some decorations but while I was there I saw a full line of “frilly underwear” style women’s undergarments**. How slutty were the models on the packaging? They were basically turned around and lifting their skirts to show off the frills of the underwear inside said packaging!

My friends, we have truly come to a turning point where costumes are being designed so sluttily that there are now “special Halloween costume panties”*** on the shelf designed purely to take advantage of that fact.

* This year’s most ridiculous one? “Slutty Dorothy” from the Wizard of Oz – picture the dress that Judy Garland wore in the movie, now remove about 2 feet of hem and drop the décolletage down about 4”.
** Remember, this was in a card and party store, not Fredricks of Hollywood
***In multiple styles, mind you…


KC said…
I don't get the slutty Halloween thing either. I prefer ghosts, goblins, tiny princesses, and whatever Super Hero is fashionable at the moment. Oh, and also, I prefer my own costumes, which tend toward the historic. I'm a nerd, I guess. (and I'm the only nerd here at the office in costume today. Figures.)
towwas said…
My costume at rehearsal tonight was "[my publication writer] a bonnet." Ogram pulled a bunch of hats from costume storage. It was awesome.
J.Po said…
You should see MY costume. I couldn't cover more of my body if I tried! I think I de-sexified as much as possible. I should post a picture of the final product!