I'm back!

Well, my two week stint as a road warrior is pretty much over now. And while I do have a number of interesting travel-related stories to share, I also have a desk and inbox covered in crap that I need to get to. Not that I wouldn't prefer to blog all morning, but I'm kind of getting paid a lot more to do the whole "work" thing than I am to blog*. Mercifully my weekend is almost entirely open so I'll get a chance to get caught up by the end of the week.

In the meantime, to keep ya'll entertained, here's a little clip I saw that web-video geeks like myself will find not only funny, but also pretty darn accurate. Especially the collegehumor.com one.

* at least that's the case currently.


The Phoenix said…
That was great!

What was up with the ninja stuff, though?
towwas said…
Hey! You're back! Welcome back!