Almost enough to counter the Nicole Kidman factor

Have ya'll seen the trailer for the "Golden Compass" movie coming out next weekend? Seriously? Polar bears in suits of armor battling similarly-clad wooly rhinos? That might be the coolest fight scene I've ever even *heard* of in a film! Yet I'm still hesitant, because there are so many counterbalancing things about this film that both attract and repulse me at the same time. Here's how I see it:

  • Aformentioned bears vs rhinos in full armor scenes
  • Daniel Craig
  • Sam Elliott in full cowboy hat + bushy mustache regalia*
  • Nicole Kidman kind of weirds me out. I can't explain it, but everything she's done since "To Die For" has left me feeling like she's been replaced by an android.
  • The protagonist is a 12 year old orphan girl, who let's face it - is not really capable of kicking any sort of serious ass. This is probably why there are armored bears.
  • Speaking of which, the bears aren't real. Yeah, CGI is all right but it's nowhere as cool as if they were *real* trained polar bears who just also happened to be trained fighters.
So in the end it all nets out for me and I'll probably just throw it in the bottom of my netflix queue. Right after about 140 or so other movies...

*What is it about Sam Elliott that allows him not only to do this in every movie that he's ever in but also to pull it off with such aplomb?


towwas said…
I dunno about the movie, but lemme tell ya, the books are pretty close to the best books ever. Nicole Kidman's character is a horrible person, so it's ok if you don't like her.
Sophist said…
yeah, Nicole looking like an android is actually a good casting job... The books are lots of fun, especially the 1st and 2nd (3rd one too all-over-the-place).

Polar bears rock. Daniel Craig rocks too.