And now what?

It seems so weird that I'm already over halfway done with my holiday voyage back home for the holidays. After spending last weekend at my Aunt's in Iowa (arriving in the middle of a blizzard of 8" of snow) and the beginning of this week at Grrrmom's (where, no kidding, I watched a squirrel attack a flock of ducks at the birdfeeder in the backyard) I'm now at Grrrdad's in Minneapolis. I continue to catch up on sleep like a crazy person (9.5 hours last night) but since it's so late in the week both my dad and stepmom have to go back to work so I'm free to flit around town wherever I want to!

Today, I'm thinking I'll head over to see Juno at the local Cineplex before moseying over to the mall for some post-holiday bargains. Yes, that "mall" *may* be the Mall of America, which even though it is located completely on the other side of town, still holds a bizarre attraction for me. Something about the peoplewatching there is so great! Yet, it's not quite the same as it was when it opened my senior year of high school. The Minnesota Picnic store is closed, which means no more Walleye-on-a-Stick and cheese curds in a basket for lunch. Oh well, life moves on I guess.

In the end it'll all depend on what time I finally get showered and out the door. And considering how it's already nearly a quarter-past-11, maybe I'll just do the local mall and hit up the MoA tomorrow. So long as I do it before Saturday because that's when the crazy crowds show up.


grrrbear said…
BTW - I did see Juno yesterday, and it was fantabulous. And even better was that it was set in Minnesota! Woo!

Of course, they actually *shot* it in Vancouver. Boo!

Still, in the end, it nets out well. Highly recommended for all you blog-folk.
Spice said…
My mom and I went to MOA on our way to the airport yesterday, and when we walked past the old location of Minnesota Picnic, I got all misty thinking of the cheese curds...sigh.

And we saw Juno on Xmas Eve, and I agree that it was really good and that it was awesome that it was set in MN even though it clearly wasn't filmed there! (Although no one would refer to Ridgedale as "Ridgedale Mall" - I'm guessing that was to clarify to the non-MNers that Ridgedale is a mall...)