Any day now he'll be a judge on "American Idol"

Can someone please explain why Michio Kaku is on *every* science-related documentary on television these days? Did someone pass a law? Did he hold hostage the wife and family of the CEO of Discovery Networks, only releasing them when the guy promised to put him in every show across their spectrum?

It's not that I actively dislike this guy - I barely know him, after all - but because he's on all the shows that I've started to become skeptical about everything he says. Sure, he's a PhD and all, but I really struggle to lend credibility to someone who claims to be an expert on both theoretical physics *and* "futurism"*. I can buy into the theoretical physics, but is he the *only* physicist in the US who can explain it in a way that normal people can understand?** Whatever happened to Brian Greene?

Maybe in the end my real issue is that I don't have any faith in anything that is claimed by anyone claiming to be a "futurist". It just find it incongruous that any disciplined scientist would dabble in fortune-telling. You want to know what's going to happen 100 years in the future? I'll tell you - you're dead and your grandkids hate you because a) the world is covered in pollution that *you* caused and b) nobody can afford any of those nice Chinese luxury products because we're all working as their indentured servants.

* Whatever the heck that is.
** If so, the state of our current higher education in physics is pretty darn sorry.