Not sure if it's funny or sad

My neighborhood of Bucktown recently got a new library branch a year or two ago. And this morning, as I was walkign around the neighborhood, waiting for my car to get repaired* I finally got around to visiting it for the first time. This was a first for me, because despite the fact that I was a library junkie for most of my childhood, I hadn't held a library card for nearly 20 years.

So I took advantage of my free 20 minutes to explore my local branch. It had only been open for about a half hour, and as I was browsing the shelves, I saw an interesting social phenomenon. While I was wandering through the stacks, I noticed that all the other people in the building were not looking at books, but rather sitting down and surfing the web. So now I'm even more exited about going because I'm apparently the only person in my whole neighborhood who actually reads books. While I find this a little sad, I'm also optimistic that any time I want to check out a book, it'll probably be on the shelf rather than checked out by someone else, score!

* Again...more foreshadowing for the upcoming new car adventure!


towwas said…
Ooh, car-buying adventure = exciting! You've had that car a long time, right?
grrrbear said…
Yeah, I've had it for almost eight years now, which in retrospect is a heck of a lot longer than I'd planned. But it's time now.