Something fun for the morning. I suppose this is handy to know. I always figured I could have taken down my entire kindergarten class. I just never thought I'd get to the point where I could do it all at once.

This is totally what the internet is for - warning us about things we would otherwise never have considered threats.



J.Bro said…
Argh - instead of showing me the number of kiddos I could take out, the last link takes me to an online dating service!

I'm really curious too. On one hand, I'm pretty athletic with long arms, but on the other, I'm not willing to pick the kids up and throw them at one another.
J.Bro said…
OK, I got to the end eventually. But apparently I can only take twenty munchkins. My pesky morals hurt me more than my ape-like arms help me.
towwas said…
17. Although, truthfully, if 17 angry 5-year-olds were attacking me, I'd probably curl up like a hedgehog in a corner and let them kick me.
miss shirley said…
I can't get past the dating site. I tried when you first posted this one, and today I am not any smarter.