Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I'm in Vegas for a day today attending the "World of Concrete" trade show at the convention center. For me, Vegas is nothing all that interesting. I arrived last night really only in time to run down and watch the Belaggio fountain show. Because I'm staying so close to the Belaggio (across the street basically) for the first time, I didn't see a single dude handing out porn on the street! Honestly, I was kind of sad. If all the development on the strip pushes them to the margins, an entire segment of the Vegas economy is going to collapse, which is sad. Maybe the chamber of commerce will mark off a little "porn trading card refuge" where people can come and watch them in their native environment.

I flew in last night in on a plane full of overweight men* with beards, who were all probably going to be at the show today. And naturally, I heard the phrase "Vegas Baby!" about eleventy billion times on the plane. But I couldn't really focus on that because even though I was in the exit row, the seat I was in was more or less the least comfortable seat I've ever sat in. By the time we were making the approach into Macarran Airport, I was pretty confident that my tush was covered in ass-bruises. Mercifully, once I got off the plane, I felt fine. It was probably just a minor case of sciatica that went away on its own.

I'm staying at Ballys this time, which is one of the more "worn" hotels on the strip. It does have the largest room I've ever stayed in, and in terms of location it's pretty sweet. But as usual, my room is facing out the back, where I get a beautiful view of the ass-end of Vegas**. Maybe some day I'll get an actual view of the strip. Of course, those are probably more expensive, so maybe it doesn't really matter.

Oh well, I'm off to the show now. Time to feel svelte and short!

*What is it about concrete that attracts the male, the husky, and the hirsute of America? I know that there's a certain self-selection there, but still, it seems weird.
** Parking ramps - woot!


towwas said...

If it weren't January, I would totally wear my AWESOME VEGAS SHIRT in solidarity. Ok, maybe I'll put it on tonight anyway. Just for you.

grrrbear said...

Well, you could always wear it under a sweater! Don't fret though, I'm back home now. Although I'm off to Atlanta on Monday...

J.Bro said...

Tell us about the fire! I want to hear about the fire!

grrrbear said...

Sadly, I missed the fire! It must have started as my plane was taking off though. Maybe the captain tossed a lit match out the window after lighting his first in-flight stogie.