*Why* am I not a doctor again?

While I'm certainly no scientologist* I am both fascinated and exasperated by the study of psychology. Sure, on the one hand they are able to provide insight into some of the more obscure aspects of human existance. For example, ladies, did you know that going on the pill apparently makes you less attractive**?

But just when I think psychologists have got things figured out with regard to research, they come out with some ridiculous study that anyone with half a brain would tell you is common sense. Case in point, Cornell did a study that showed that attractive waitresses get better tips than unattractive ones. Shocker...I know!

In other news, I went to the doctor yesterday to get some antibiotics for a recurrent sinus infection. I don't know how to explain it, but for some reason *every* time I catch a cold it ends up as a sinus infection. And usually they aren't bad ones - just some "post-nasal drip" and mild sinus pressure (not enough to call it a headache). I'm not stuffed up, I can breathe normally, and I don't cough up anything. Once I get the antibiotics, it usually takes a day or two and then one morning I'll wake up and blow a whole wad of [insert appropriately disgusting color descriptor here] snot out of my sinus and get that feeling of "Oh wow...*this* breathing is *so* much better!" and it's over. Simple, right?

Well, my doctor is a little old school. Despite my having gone through this with every cold I've had over the last 8-9 years, he still refuses to believe me when I tell him that I have a sinus infection and need antibiotics. Why? Just the minor detail that when you look down my throat and into my nose, there aren't any obvious symptoms. This time, he gave me Allegra-D to try and solve the problem via the placebo effect. I know this because he's given me Allegra-D for pretty much everything I've ever had. I think if I had cancer he'd start me off with a prescription for Allegra-D.

So now I have to wait two more days before I can call in and get the antibiotics. Of course, the Allegra D hasn't solved anything. Oh well, I've only had this sinus infection for 4 weeks. I supposed another two days won't kill me.

** Granted, only for strippers in the study, but don't all women *want* to be strippers? Really? They don't? Then why are there so many ads for "striptease classes" and "stripper-pole aerobics" in my local community-ed circular? I rest my case.