I know I'm totally slacking off with respect to blogging lately. Work's been a real obstacle to anything resembling real life for the past few weeks and this weekend was full of theater company stuff, prior social commitments, and taking a few hours off to enjoy a nice dinner with the GF. But this week's making up for taking the weekend off so I'm going to be pretty much offline most of the next day or two.

That said, I couldn't *not* share this:

Honestly I don't know whether I'd be freaked out or fascinated if I saw that coming down the street. I *can* say I'd seriously consider starting a Godzilla-type panicked stampede purely for the experience. I can also say that if I were a giant puppet, I'd still never take a shower given from am elephant. Two words: elephant boogers.


J.Po said…
That is extremely creepy. Extremely. Creepy.

Thanks for posting, though. I've missed you in the blogosphere. I haven't been posting either - mostly b/c I have little to report. Ugh.
towwas said…
Wow. Creepy, yet also kind of riveting.
kippur said…
The music does not help. I vote creepy.