Don't animals with big teeth usually scare children?

In the midst of work business I forced myself to read through my dental magazine again despite its overwhelming scariness. One product that caught my eye this time is a company making plush stuffed animals complete with models of human teeth – for the purposes of teaching little kids how to brush and floss properly, no doubt. Except that when you combine human teeth with animals, you frequently end up with tiny monsters that look either weird or creepy.

Case in point: Max Mustang – the Rastafarian horse. Complete with red eyes and dredlocks. Max = weird.

Second case in point is Finn Z Fish. It looks like Nemo’s grandfather needs dentures! And since most fish don’t have teeth, this one bordered on creepy for me. Although not as much as Shelly Z Starfish


J.Po said…
I'm praying for the day when this post will not be at the top of your blog. Those animals give me nightmares.