Live! From the Monrovia Courtyard Marriott!

In case it wasn't obvious enough, I'm in the midst of another nationwide tour for work. And yes, it's actually pretty dull. Today and tomorrow I'm in Los Angeles. Last night I had to drive out to the middle of the desert* for one meeting this morning and now I'm sitting in my hotel after another meeting this afternoon. It's been about six hours since I got here and traffic has only started moving again after being a veritable parking lot since I arrived. Just another reason I'd rather not live here.

I'm a little surprised that I got here at all, actually. In case you missed it, that storm that caused all the tornadoes in Tennessee dumped somewhere between six and fifty inches of snow on O'Hare. There were nine flights from there to LAX yesterday, and of those, seven of them were canceled outright. Yet, for some reason, the travel gods had decided that my flight would still go. So, after taking an hour to pull back and get de-iced, we were off for 3.5 hours of bulkhead seating** and the worst movie I've ever seen as the in-flight movie***. Woot.

Anyway, I finally got around to sorting through some pictures I've had on my phone for a while and figured I'd post those since my life, being nothing but work for the past few weeks, is really dull.

First up is a picture I took a couple weeks back when I was in Vegas for a trade show. While one doesn't typically think of Vegas as being a hub of mass transit, they inaugurated "the monorail" a few years back to serve as a quick way to get to all the casinos on the east side of the strip. From what I recall, they had some financial trouble early on, which caused them to explore some alternative funding options. Including, apparently, "Monorail" brand water!

And from Christmas at my Aunt's house, a picture of her new baby kitten who is apparently just as big a fan of Mythbusters as the GF and I are. I know, there must be some sort of magical, cat-fancy-exuding power contained in Jamie's beret. I mean, just *look* at that fascination! (Click on the image for more detail of cat-fascination!)

* Remember what it looked like when Snoopy went to visit Spike in the desert? that.
** Which I loathe. I'm a sucker for under-seat storage.
*** "Martian Child" - Save yourself the two hours: The kid is just a weirdo and the dog dies.


towwas said…
Maybe this is why the cat likes Mythbusters:
J.Po said…
Ugh - L.A. Get out as soon as you can. And next time, make SF your CA stop please.

And, btw, your home state did some good voting on Tuesday. Excellently done!